When starting a project, you are asked if you'd like to connect the project to a Revit model. If you selected this option, the dialog below will appear when you open a project.

If the dialog doesn't appear though, or you didn't select to attach the project to Revit when creating the project, you can always do so by selecting the menu button within the project and selecting Connect To Revit Model from the menu. 

You should now see a step by step guide of how to connect your project to Revit. 

Download The Add-in

  • You can download the latest Revit Add-in by clicking the button below

Install the Add-in

  • Ensure you have a version of Revit installed on your computer (2015 or above)
  • Download the Layer Revit add-in by clicking the button above
  • Open the downloaded install file in your Downloads folder
  • Once the Install completes, Open Revit, the Layer add-in should be shown in the Addins Tab

Attach Your Model to Layer

  • Open Revit
  • Goto the Addins tab, and under LAYER click Sign-in
  • Click Attach Model
  • Choose which categories you would like to keep in sync. Not sure where to start try Rooms, Doors, Windows, and Sheets. You can always connect others later. 

Things to Note

  • When items are added in the model, they will be added in Layer
  • When items are added in Layer, they can be attached to Revit elements by clicking Link Elements and choosing a Revit element for each new Layer element

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