Learn how to easily perform one of Layer’s core workflows, Meeting Minutes. 

Are you a project manager who needs to relay important information or delegate detailed tasks to team members? Use Layer Smart Docs to keep project communication out of the inbox and focused on where they need to be: in the context of the building. 

Here’s how to get started:

1. Open Layer and create a new Project
Log in to Layer or create a new account. In the dashboard, select “Start a Project” to create a new Project. 

2. Invite Team Members
Select the “Team Members” button in the bottom navigation bar to invite other users. Choose from three permission levels: Owner, Editor, or Viewer. Owners and Editors can invite other users and create new Categories, Elements, and form fields. Viewers cannot invite users or make edits within Layer. 

Tip: Make sure to invite any users who will need to receive task notifications. 

3. Create new Room Elements
Select the “Create an Element” button in the bottom navigation bar to create new Elements manually. Or choose to import data by CSV file or by connecting the Project to a Revit model to load Room Elements automatically. 

Tip: We like to do this initial set-up in the office, but Layer’s flexible platform also lets you do this on the fly or at a meeting. 

4. Create a new Smart Doc
Associate your Smart Doc with a specific Element by creating the Smart Doc within the Element. Smart Docs created within a specific Element will appear in the overall Files list in the Elements Dashboard.

Navigate to “Files”, select the “+” button in the lower right corner, then select the “+ Create Doc” button which will open a new Smart Doc. Using the top navigation bar, give the Smart Doc a name. 

Tip: Need to specify a Smart Doc in the Element form? Just create a Files Field in the Element and attach the Smart Doc to that Field.

5. Type, format, and style text
Type the meeting minutes and use the secondary bar of editing tools to format and style text. 

Tip: There is no need to save the Smart Doc since any changes will save and sync automatically.

6. Tag Elements
Tag an Element by adding a “#” before the Element name. Team Members can now click on the tagged Element within the text to link directly to that specific Element, which can then link you directly to the Revit model if needed. 

7. Tag People
Tag a Team Member by adding an “@” before their name. Tagged Team Members will receive a notification that they have been mentioned. 

8. Share the Document
Copy, paste, and send the URL to share the Smart Doc with Team Members.

Tip: Copy and paste the text into a letterhead Word or Google doc and all of the tagged Elements and Team Members will be preserved as live links to Layer. 

Layer makes Meeting Minutes smarter and more efficient by keeping every piece of information and every team member exactly where they need to be: in the context of the building. Layer connects the information you need to design to the tool used to create the design. Say goodbye to busy work. 

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