Did you create a new Layer Element that now needs to be attached to Revit? Did you accidentally detach a Revit element from Layer? 

No worries, follow these instructions for linking Layer Elements to Revit. Note, that if you imported Revit Elements into Layer, that those Elements are automatically linked, so there's no need to re-link them unless they were detached. 

In order to connect a Layer Element to Revit, the Element needs to be created within an existing Revit Category. These Categories come from first attaching a Revit model to Layer. Need help attaching your Revit model to Layer? No problem, view this easy tutorial for attaching a Revit model to Layer.

1. Log in to Layer or create a new account. Start a new Layer Project or select an existing Project. 

2. Create an Element in Layer if you haven't already. If you have, skip down to Step 5. Click the Create Elements button in the bottom navigation bar to create a new Layer Element. 

3. Enter the Element name and associate it with an existing Revit Category. In this instance, we are creating a new Element in the Room Category. Remember, to connect a Layer Element to Revit, the Element needs to be created within an existing Revit Category.

4. Click the + Create Element button. The element is now created in Layer. Select the Element in the Dashboard to add data, photos, files, notes, and tasks that can be viewable in Revit. 

5. Open Revit to link the Layer Element to existing or new geometry. Note that the Revit geometry needs to be created in the same Category as the Layer Element. For this example, we are using the Rooms Category. 

6. Go to the LAYER tab, and click the Link Elements button.  

7. Select the Layer Element from the list and click the Pick Element button.

8. Now select the Revit geometry in the model that will be linked to the Layer Element.

9. The Link Element dialogue box should now re-appear. If only one Element needs to be linked, click the Link Elements button to finalize the connection between Revit and Layer. To link multiple elements at once, click the next element from the list and pick its associated geometry. Repeat this step until you are finished, then hit the Link Elements button. 

10. The Layer and Revit Elements are now connected. Clicking on the Revit geometry will now pull up the Layer element in the side panel, and vise versa. 

Need more help? Contact us at help@layer.team

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