Add Team Members to a Project

How to invite Team Members to view and contribute to a Project in Layer

1. Log into Layer or create a new account. Start a new Project or select an existing Project. 

2. Click the + button next to Team in the upper left corner to invite users to view and collaborate on the collected photos and data. 

3. Select from a list of users who are already part of your Company or enter a new Collaborator's email address, and choose the user's permission level. Collaborators can be paid or unpaid Layer users with limited editing capabilities. Learn more about Roles and Permissions.

4. Click Add User or Invite Collaborator . This person will be added to the list of Team Members at the bottom of the window. Access can be revoked or changed at any time by clicking the X next to a name. 

5. The new Team Member will receive an invitation via email. 

Did you just invite a new Team Member to a Project?
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