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Publish your REVIT Model to a Layer Project
Publish your REVIT Model to a Layer Project

How to publish your REVIT Model to a Layer Project

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Make sure that a Layer Project has been created before attaching the Revit model. 

2. Open your model and sign in to your Layer account in Revit

  • Open the Revit model you want to attach to Layer.

  • Go to the Layer tab, click Sign-in. (Tip: Use your Layer credentials)

3. Publish a REVIT model to Layer

  • Once you've successfully signed in, click on Publish Model.

  • Once the Layer pop-up window appears, you can select the Layer Project to attach your model to. Click Publish Model Now to connect your model.

4. The REVIT model is now published!
Now that the REVIT model is attached, you can view your project's data and explore its contents through the lens of the different model categories via the Model View.

5. Attach/update multiple models in your Layer Project
Follow Steps 2-4 with as many REVIT models as needed.

(Tip: you will get the option to update your model or to create a new one)

The 🤯 Factor : View your model on ANY device

Some things to note:

  • Elements added to REVIT categories which are attached to Layer will automatically be added as Elements in Layer.

  • REVIT Parameters which are displayed in Layer will automatically change within the corresponding Fields in Layer.

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