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How to join a Layer Project from an email invitation

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Learn how to join a Project that someone has invited you to collaborate in.

There are two ways you can be invited to a Project:

  • As a Company User from someone within your company.

  • As a Collaborator from someone outside your company.

1. Being invited as a Company User:

When someone from within your company invites you to Join a Project you will receive an email invitation to join.

Click Join the Project to log in to your Layer account or to create a new one.

2. Being invited as a Collaborator:

Similar to Step 1 you will receive an email invitation to join.

Additionally, the project you were invited to will also appear under Invites.

To add the project to your account, Click the Accept Invite button.

Project Invites

(Tip: The project will now move under your Projects tab in your dashboard and you may edit and contribute as your Project Permissions allow.)

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