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Create a Personal & Company Account
Create a Personal & Company Account

How to create a new user and company account in Layer

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Learn how to set up a Layer account for you and your company.

1. Navigate to in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Currently, Layer does not support Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

2. Enter your First Name, Last Name, valid Email Address, and strong Password, then click the Create Account button.

Create Account

3. Navigate to your email inbox and click the link within the email to validate and access your new Layer account.

4. Set up a Layer Account for your Company.

As a next step you want to set up the account for your Company within Layer. While you are taking this step you will use your company's domain.

Everyone that signs up using your company's domain will automatically be registered under a Company user 🤩

Set up your Company Account

5. Being alone is not really fun, right?!

Invite others from your company.

Add their email (comma separated to add multiple users at once) and they will get notified with an email to add your company.

Invite others to your Company

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