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Download and Install the REVIT Add-in
Download and Install the REVIT Add-in

How to download and install the Revit Add-in for Layer

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1. Log in to Layer or create a new account.
Make sure that a Layer Project has been created before attaching the Revit model. 

2. Close REVIT before Installing the REVIT Add-in

3. Download and install the Layer Revit Add-in

  • Ensure that Revit is installed on the computer (2020 or later).

  • Double click the install file to begin installation.

    (Tip: Once the Add-in is installed, you will see a Layer tab in the top navigation ribbon)

4. Sign in to your Layer account in Revit

  • Open the Revit model you want to attach to Layer.

  • Go to the Layer tab, click Sign-in. (Tip: Use your Layer credentials)

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