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What do I need to use Layer? (browser, device, etc.)
What do I need to use Layer? (browser, device, etc.)
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Layer can be used on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported. You can also download the Layer App for iOS in the Apple App Store or for Android in Google Play.

With a few exceptions, the browser, iOS and Android versions of Layer are nearly identical.

  • The iOS and Android apps support native push notifications. This is not supported in your device's mobile web browsers (Safari or Chrome).

  • The iOS App supports barcode scanning and comes with better offline support. Photos you take in the iOS app are saved to your device's camera roll.

  • The Android app does not support barcode scanning.

  • The browser version usually receives updates earlier and more often than the Android and iOS apps, because those updates do not need to go through the App Store approval process.

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