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Use the Live Link feature in Revit
Use the Live Link feature in Revit

How to view data and files instantly in a Revit model

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The Live Link feature in Layer has powerful two-way functionality that lets users view and edit rich data, notes, tasks, and files right in Revit. Users can navigate through the model and with one click, instantly see associated rich data and files in the dockable Layer panel.

Live Link also works in reverse. Select a linked Layer Element and Revit will automatically highlight and select its corresponding location in Revit. 

For example, when a user is assigned a task in Layer that is associated with a specific Room, they can click on the task and the corresponding Room is instantly selected in the Revit view.

How do I enable and disable Live Link?
Live Link is turned on by default and the feature can be easily turned on and off at anytime within the Revit add-in or within the Layer app.

To disable Live Link in Revit, go to the Layer tab and click the Live Link button.

To turn Live Link back on in Revit, just click the Live Link button again.

To disable Live Link in Layer, click the Live Link bar in the app.

Then choose Turn Off.

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