With a wide selection of customizable form fields, creating almost any kind of survey is possible in Layer, from building surveys and FF&E to RFIs and punchlists! 

1. Log in to Layer or create a new account. Start a new Project or select an existing Project. 

2. If you're starting from a blank Element, select Add a Field then the + button to create new form fields. If you're editing an existing form, select the Edit Fields button then the + button to create new form fields. Form fields only need to be set up once in an Element since these fields will propagate to the other Elements within its Category. Use different Categories to collect different sets of data points. 

3. Select the Field type to insert.

4. Name the Field, set the Field constraints and characteristics, click Save Field

5. Use the Hamburger icon to drag and reorder the Fields or the Trash Can icon to delete fields. Click X to close the window.

6. Need to edit the Fields? No problem! Just select the Three Dot icon in the right corner of each Field to select the appropriate option. Alternatively, you can select the Edit Fields button at the end of the survey to edit the form.

Congrats! You created your first custom survey in Layer.

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