Learn about Company Account Roles that apply in a global level in Layer.

Company roles are connected directly to billing. Company level roles and permissions can be set in the Company Admin Dashboard.

Company level users are typically employees of the same company or organization, since anyone added to a company’s account will be billed as a paid user to that account.

To manage who has access to a Project and to add non-paid users (Project Collaborators), see Project Level Roles and Permissions.

Company Owner is a paid user who has access to all of the administrative and billing features for the account, including the ability to change the company’s plan, add and edit payment methods, and the ability to delete the Company in the Company Admin Dashboard.

Admin is a paid user who can create a Project, Manage the Company’s Project Templates, and manage Company level users in the Company Admin Dashboard.

Billing Admin is a paid user that has the same permissions as the Admin (see above) with the addition of being able to manage the Company's subscription preferences.

Member is a paid user on the Company account. This user cannot access the Company Admin Dashboard.

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