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Add/Remove Users at a Company Level
Add/Remove Users at a Company Level

How to add and remove paid users at a Company Level

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You just created your Layer account and you want to add more people from your company. Learn how to do so with a few easy steps.

To manage users in your Company Account, click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of your Company Dashboard then click Manage Company

Only users with Company Owner or Admin roles can invite additional users.

Type their email address in the Invites field at the bottom of the Users tab and click Send Invites.

(Smart Tip 💰: These users will be added as Paid users.)

Add a Company User

Remove a Company User

Once added as a Company User they will receive an invitation email.

Company Owners and Admins can change the role assigned to other Users.

Click the X to remove that user from the Company Account. 

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