Once a user has created a new Project, they have the option to invite other users to access the project as an Editor, Contributor or Viewer. Learn more about Roles and Permissions here. 

Log in to Layer or create a new account.

The top section of the Project Team window allows you to add users who are already part of your Company Account. Learn more about managing Company users here.
First click the Company Users field to select from a list of users then click the Permissions field to designate what they are allowed to do within the Project. Finally, click the Add User button to send them an invitation.

The Collaborators section of the window allows users with the Project role of Owner or Editor to invite users who are not part of the Company Account to participate in the Project.

The Project Users section allows a Project Owner or Editor to change the permissions assigned to each user who has joined the Project or remove them from the Project by clicking the X by their name. 

All changes are saved automatically so when you're done adding or removing users, just click the X in the upper right corner of the Project Team window to return to your project.

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