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Reports: PDF, XLSX, CSV and JSON Files
Reports: PDF, XLSX, CSV and JSON Files

Learn how to export your data as a Report

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Layer provides several options for exporting your data. You can generate PDF and Excel reports or use the CSV and JSON formats when you'll be using the data in other applications.

Reports provide a point-in-time view of your data. They do not update dynamically so as data in your project changes, you will need to run new reports.

  1. To start, open the Category on which you will be reporting. Choose the Saved View you would like to export. The filtering and visible field settings of the view will be applied to the report.

2. In the upper right corner, click the three dot icon and select Export Report.

3. In the panel that opens, enter a Report name, choose the report file format, enter a report description and upload an image (optional) before clicking the Export Report button at the bottom.

4. Once you click Export Report, Layer will begin processing the report. Reports with large amounts of data may take a few minutes to generate. You can navigate away from that screen if you need to continue other work.

5. Once the report has been created, the Download Report button will activate. Files will download to the default download folder on your device.

6. To view past reports, click the View All Reports button seen above or select Past Reports from the three dot icon on the Category home screen.

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