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How to a Create Drawing View, upload a pdf and create Annotations

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Learn how to create a Drawing View in which you can upload an existing pdf and explore the different Markup tools offered.


Creating a New Drawing View

To create a new Drawing View under a particular category, click the Create View button next to the Category name on the main Canvas.

(Tip: If you have already created other views, the button will read Select View.)

1. Give your Drawing View a View Name.

2. Highlight the button next to Drawing. This will unfold a few more options pertinent to the Drawing View.

Create a Drawing View

(Tip: Once you create a New View it will appear under your Category on the Left Navigation Panel as well as in the List of Views when you click the Select View button)

3. Choose a PDF to upload into your Drawing View.

4. Select the Markup Tool you wish to use for marking up your Drawings. You can change your tool type at any time so don't worry too much about this setting now.

(Tip: As Best Practice when working with Areas (i.e. Rooms) use the Rectangle or the Polygon Tool whereas when working with Instances (i.e. Furniture) use the Dot Tool)

5. Click Create View and the new Drawing View will open.

Upload PDF in Drawing View

To zoom in and out of your drawing, either use the zoom control in the lower left corner of the view or hold the Ctrl key while scrolling your mouse wheel.

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