When working in conditions where your internet connection is spotty or nonexistent, Layer will cache data you enter until your connection is reestablished. No action is needed on the user's part when the connection is lost or when it is reestablished.

Two indicators will appear on our screen when your devices looses its connection, . The banner at the top will persist as long as you are offline. The notification at the bottom will clear automatically.

While in offline mode, data entered into fields, including File fields, will be saved to the device. This includes photos. You can proceed with your data collection without worrying whether everything is being saved. Photos captured while offline will appear with the following notice:

Once your device reconnects to the internet, cached data will automatically begin uploading.

There are a few other things to be aware of regarding offline support:

When working on an iPhone or iPad, iOS will save a copy of any photos taken in Layer to your Photo Library by default. Deleting the image from the library does not affect the Layer image.

Only data which has previously been viewed on your device can be accessed while offline. To ensure you have access to all existing project data while in the field, it is recommended you open the Layer Project on your device and click on each Category while a strong internet connection is available. That will cache the data to your device.

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