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Revit Model Size Troubleshooting
Revit Model Size Troubleshooting

What to do if you are unable to upload your model to Layer because it is too large a file

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Currently Layer only supports uploading models whose file-size is under 1 GB. All is not lost though! There are a few things you can do to greatly reduce the size of your model:

Purge your model before uploading to Layer

Purging your model is the best and most effective way to reduce it's file-size. Purging removes any un-used families, views, and other content from your model. You can find instructions for how to purge your model here →

Convert imported CAD or Image files to Links

Instead of importing your CAD or images directly into your model (making them a part of your model, and adding to it's size) consider linking them instead. This way the files are stored externally, instead of being stored within the Revit file.

Deleted un-used or redundant Views & Sheets

Views and sheets both take up room in your model. Remove any un-used or redundant views from your model to reduce the size of your model file.

Do you have overly complex families? Simplify them

Complex or highly-detailed model families can quickly weigh down your model. Consider replacing highly-detailed model families with simpler ones if their complexity is not necessary.

Tried everything above? Contact us, and we can help.

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