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Company Templates in Document View
Company Templates in Document View

Learn how to create and save document templates that can be accessed by any team member in your company account.

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1. Log into Layer:

2. Things to know before setting up Document View:

Navigate to a Project in Layer and make sure that has at least one Category with fields and inputted data. Documents are set up by category. Use Related Element Fields to feature data from more than one category in a document.

3. Create a Document View:

Within the Category, navigate to the top of the elements window and click Select View, then click +Create New View.

Step 3 Create a Document View-1

Within the Create New View window, name the document, then click Document view type, and then Create View.

Step 3 Create a Document View-2

4. Set up the Document View:

Within the Setup Your Document window, choose to either:

1. Start from Scratch.

2. Start with a pre-built Layer template. Learn more >

3. Start with a previously-saved Company template.

Note that any template can be edited and re-saved as a new Company template.

Step 4 Set up the Document View-1

5. Create a Start from Scratch document:

The default page size for Start from Scratch documents is 8.5"x11". To change the page size, page orientation, or page margins; click the Three Dot icon in the upper right corner, then choose Page Settings from the drop down menu.

Step 5 Edit Page Settings-1

6. Edit the document:

To begin editing the document, click the Pencil icon in the upper right corner.

Step 6 Edit the document-1

Drag and drop Containers from the right side panel to add content from Layer fields.

Step 6 Edit the document-2

7. Save the document:

Click Publish in the upper right corner to save changes at any time. When you're done editing, click Publish again to save changes, then the Arrow icon to exit editing mode. Note, if you navigate from document that is unsaved, Layer will ask for confirmation first.

Step 7 Save the document

8. Save the document as a Company template for future use:

Navigate to the Three Dot icon in the upper right corner and choose Create Document Template from the drop down.

Step 10 Save the document as a template-1

In the Save as Template window, name the document and add an optional description for the template, then click Save Template.

Step 10 Save the document as a template-2

Click the Customize Block Names checkbox to customize how the field names appear in the new template.

Step 10 Save the document as a template-3-1

9. Access Company templates:

Saved templates can be accessed during Step #4 in the Setup Your Document window under the Company tab.

Step 10 Save the document as a template-4

Company Template FAQs

Q: Who can access Company templates?

A: Layer users who are part of your Company billing account have access to Company templates. Need to share a template with someone outside of your company? Contact us at

โ€‹Q: How do I edit an existing Company template?

A: To update a Company template, navigate to the Setup Your Document window > Company tab > then click the Three Dot icon to edit the template. Currently, only the original template creator, project owner, or Company admin can update Company templates. If you are neither of these, simply open the template you wish to update, then re-save it as a different template file.


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