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Learn about the different Permission Levels for Templates

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1. Who can create a Template?

Since templates are created at the company level from a specific project, only paid users with certain (Company and Project) permissions can create a template for their company from a project.

Company users with the following permissions can create a template from a project in which they are Owner or Editor.

Permissions Level Table:

Company Owner

Company Admin

Company Billing Admin

Company Member

Project Owner

Project Editor

Project Contributor

Project Viewer

2. Who is able to apply a Template after it is created?

Anyone in the company of the user who created the template can apply a template after it is created. Same company users can use the template when:

  • Creating a new project

  • Adding new categories to an existing project

3. Who is able to edit a Template after it is created?

After a template is created, the person who created it is able to edit it by opening the template from their home screen (under the Templates tab).

The owner of the template is also able to add other editors to the template by:

  • Opening the desired template

  • Opening the Template Settings menu ⚙️ (at upper left by the template name)

  • Selecting Edit Template Team

(Tip: Template owners can add any user within their company to have access to edit the template.)

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