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Apply a Template to a New Project
Apply a Template to a New Project

Learn how to apply a saved Template to a new Layer Project

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There are two levels that previously saved Templates can be applied at:

  • On a Project Level when creating a new project.

  • On a Category Level in an existing project.

1. Applying a Template to a new Project:

When creating a new Project, you will be able to see your saved Templates under the Company Tab.

After filling out Project Name and Project Location, you will be able to review the Template contents before choosing Create from Template.

2. Applying a Template to a new Category in an existing project:

If you want to apply/import a template to an existing project that you are already working on, you can do this by adding a new Category, then choosing the desired template.

From within your project, click the + button next to Categories.

You will then be prompted to create a Category from Scratch or Create a Category using a Template.

Choose from Layer's out-of-the-box templates or your Company's previously saved templates.

Smart Tip ๐Ÿค“

What happens when I apply the same Template more than once to a project?
By applying the same Template more than once - OR - if you have an existing Category whose name matches a Category in the Template you are about to apply/import, then those existing Categories will be overwritten with the new Template Category content.

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