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Drawing View: How to Add Smart Annotations
Drawing View: How to Add Smart Annotations

Learn how to add annotations to your pdf and create References to those for your Document Views

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Workflows such as Facility Audits, Design Coordination and Punch Lists require the context of location to fully convey the data being gathered.

The Drawing View allows a user to place annotations directly on a pdf drawing.

(Tip: Each annotation you add is not just a two dimensional graphic. That annotation actually represents an Element within the Layer database).

Add Smart Annotations to the Drawing View

You have the option to either create a new Element by clicking the plus sign or to link an annotation to an existing Element by clicking the chain link button.

When you click the plus sign you will be prompted to click on the drawing to place an annotation of the type currently selected. The default type is a Dot. To change annotation type to Cloud, Polygon or Rectangle click the Dot icon in the upper right corner.

In the example below I've selected the Rectangle option. After clicking the Plus button I simply click and drag to create an annotation over the desired area. This creates the new Element which I can then rename and add corresponding data.

If you've already created Elements which you would like to depict in your drawing view, click the chain link button and draw the annotation as before. Select from the list of existing Elements that appears.

Once Element annotations have been placed in a drawing view, a new field titled References in Drawing View will display in the Element form. Clicking on any of the items in that field will take you to that view and center the annotation in your screen.

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