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Create Categories, Elements, & Fields by using a Template
Create Categories, Elements, & Fields by using a Template

How to use Templates to create content for your Project

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Every project in Layer is a fresh canvas to create your very own custom workflows. Or simply start from a "Best Practices" template from our workflow gallery.

There are two types of templates:

  • Type 1: Layer's pre-built "Best Practice" templates that can be accessed here. These are completely editable once you load them into your Project.

  • Type 2: Saved Templates created by you or other users from your Company.

Both types of template can be applied at two different levels:

  • On a Project Level when creating a new project.

  • On a Category Level within an existing project.

1. Applying a Template to a new Category within an existing project:

If you have already started a project, you can still apply either type of template to the project. Simply do this by adding a new Category, then choosing the desired template.

  1. From within your project, click the + button next to Categories.

  2. You will then be prompted to create a Category from Scratch or Create a Category using a Template.

  3. Choose from Layer's pre-built "Best Practice" templates or your Company's previously saved templates.

  4. Click the Apply Template button.

Apply a Template to a New Category

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Smart Tip ๐Ÿค“

What happens when I apply the same Template more than once to a project?

By applying the same Template more than once - OR - if you have an existing Category whose name matches a Category in the Template you are about to apply/import, then those existing Categories will be overwritten with the new Template Category content.

Also check out our Templates Help Center

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