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Related Element Fields: Connect Categories
Related Element Fields: Connect Categories

Learn how to use Related Element Fields to link Categories

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The Related Element Field is an advanced field type that makes it easy to create a clickable relationship between two categories.

In order for Related Element Fields to work, you will need to have at least two categories that you want to connect.

In this, we want to create a clickable relationship in the Product Spec elements to the product's Installer, whose data lives in the Companies category.

1. Add Related Element Field
In the Product Specs category, click Edit Fields and then click โž• to add a new field. Then choose the Related Element Field from the list of fields.

2. Set up the Related Element Field attributes

  • Give the field a Name.

  • Give the field a Description (optional).

  • Under the Related Category dropdown, select the other category that you want to create a relationship with.

  • Under Option Selection, select One Option if you want to choose only one element from the related category. Or select Multiple Options if you want to choose multiple elements from the related category. You got it!

  • Under Quantity Selection, select Track Quantities to choose how many instances of the same Element from the Related Category your field will display. Selecting Do Not Track Quantities means that only one instance will be displayed.

  • Choose a Highlight Color if you want a header color other than the default gray.

  • Click Create Field.

Note: The Related Element Field will have a highlighted entry of the related category next to the field name. This way you know which category each Related Element Field is connected to.

3. Add Elements to the Related Element Field

Click on + Add Item to bring the list of elements that belong to the related category.

This will allow you to choose an element and add it to your field.

Clicking the added item in your Related Element Field will take you directly to the exact element from the related category to which it belongs.

In the example below, we have embedded the Installer's name (from the Companies category) into the Product Spec element.

Note: The Related Element Field automatically creates a mirrored field in the category that it is pointing at, creating a two-way connection between the categories.

In the example below, we can now go to a Product Spec element and see who the Installer is. We can also click on the Installer's name and be instantly navigated to the Installer's data (within the Companies category).

Additionally, if we click on the Installer element (within the Company category), we can click directly to the Product Specs elements that are associated with that specific Installer. Et voila! A two-way connection between the categories is complete!

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