Learn how to leverage Manual Lookups that allow you to pull a specific Field from a Related Element or a REVIT Object.

Manual lookups allow you to display fields from a previously created Related Element or a REVIT Object from your Model Category.

In this example we will pull the Email Field from the Installer Field of our Companies Category into a Lookup Field from within our Product Specs Category.

Manual Lookup on a Related Element

1. In your Product Specs Category, click Edit Fields and then click ➕ to Add Field.
You will choose the Lookup Field from the Selection Panel.

Add a Lookup Field

2. In the following panel you need to set up the Attributes for the Field.

Give your Lookup a Name.

Set the Source Field to be the Related Element whose Field you are wanting to pull.

The Field to Lookup dropdown exposes the Fields that belong to the Related Element. Choose the one that you need your Lookup Field to expose.

Pull Field from a Related Element

Manual Lookup on a REVIT Object

An extension of the Manual Lookup Field is the ability to pull a Field from a REVIT Object.

In this example we will use a Manual Lookup to display the Type Mark of a specific Furniture Instance from our Furniture REVIT Category.

1. A prerequisite for the Manual Lookup on a REVIT Object is to create a Related Element Field that points to a Model Category. In this case the Furniture Category.

Related Element on a REVIT Category

2. With the Related Element Field pointing to our REVIT Instance we now need to Add a Lookup Field and point it to the Type Mark Property of out Furniture Element.

Similar to the Related Element Field the Lookup Field will display the Category it points to next to the Field's name. In this case our Lookup Field point to our Furniture Model Category.

Field Lookup on a REVIT Object

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