Every Category allows you to create Views in order to experience its Elements through different visual lenses. Learn more about each of the Views inside Layer and their functionalities.

Views in Layer are Lenses, that offer you a way to experience a Category's Elements and their Fields.

They offer Filters, Sorting rules & On/Off switches and can be duplicated to enable quick and easy content management.

A view can be created by clicking next to the Category's name in the main Dashboard.

Create a View

There are 4 main Views that can be created under a Layer Category.

1. The Gallery View

The Gallery View allows you to Display the Elements as Visual Cards by exposing on them the various Fields. Read more on the Gallery View here.

2. The Table View

The Table View allows you to Display the Elements as Rows and the Fields as Columns. Remember Excel? Read more on the Table View here.

3. The Drawing View

The Drawing View allow you to upload a pdf and expose the Elements of the Category in a form of Markups on it. Useful for Building Surveys, Facility Audits, Condition Assessments, Punch listings and everything that needs to be displayed on a set of drawings. Read more on the Drawing View here.

4. The Document View

The Document View allows you to create a deliverable report in a form of a pdf. It works by dragging and dropping blocks of Information (including the Fields) on the document template. Read more on the Document View here.

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