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Shared Views

Now you can easily share Layer data with non Layer users!

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Use Shared Views to let those without a Layer license see your data.

Shared views are currently available for Table View and Gallery View.
(Document View is in the works.)

To Start, click the 3 dots on the right to show the View Options and select Share View.

This menu pops up, and you have the option to create a link to share, add in emails to send the link to others, or embed the view into other pages like Notion for example.

One you switch the toggle to Share via secret link, a link will be revealed and you are now able to copy the link to pass on. In the future, if you want to control the access, you can either toggle off access to the link, or generate a new link, which will invalidate the previous one.

Or add in an email address to share with specific people.

Once invited, you will see a list of emails that have been sent the link.

Here is an example of the email that will be sent.

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