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Getting Started for Enterprise Users
Getting Started for Enterprise Users

Learn how to set up a Layer account for you and your company's employees

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Creating an Account

1. To create a Layer account, go to
in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

(Layer does not currently support Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.)

2. You can sign up automatically with a Google or Microsoft account -or- create a username/password account by filling out the fields and clicking Create Account.

(Most Enterprise companies prefer using a Google or Microsoft log in. If you were invited to join a company account, please contact your company admin to determine which log in method is preferred.)

πŸ‘‰ If logging in with your Google or Microsoft account, a window will pop up to sign in.

(If you're having trouble with this method, check with your IT department to ensure that using company accounts for signing in to third party applications is allowed.)

πŸ‘‰ If signing up with Layer directly, check your inbox for an email from Layer App to Verify your email for Layer.

Creating a New Company

3. If you are the first person to create a Layer account with your company domain, you'll be prompted to create a Company account with Layer.

πŸ‘‰ If your company goes by multiple names or acronyms, we recommend using the most recognizable one for the Company Name as others will be joining this company.

Inviting Others to Join Your Company

4. Next you'll be able to invite others to join your company. You can add multiple email addresses into the box, separated by a comma.

By adding a company domain to the Allow others to join your Company later field, new users with your domain will automatically join your company account.

If you choose NOT to add your company domain, any new users to your company must be added to your company through the invitation process. See #5 below.

(If new users sign up without an invite, they will be prompted to create a new company and will not be able to join your company. It is best practice to add the company domain so that this process is automated.)

Click Get Started! when done and you're all set to create projects in Layer!

5. If you'd like to add users later, this can also be done from Account Settings ⇨ Manage Company at any time.

πŸ‘‰ We recommend that the company admin managing the Layer licenses send out invites first to their users. This ensures that new users will be automatically added to your company when they create their accounts without being prompted to create a company.

6. You can also add a domain later on from Account Settings ⇨ Manage Company. Multiple domains can be added if needed.

Subscription and Billing

7. Now let's check that your subscription is active.

Go to , click the gear in the upper right hand corner,
​Manage Company > Subscription tab.

If the status is Incomplete, please email to let us know, and we can connect your payment to your account.

8. If you have any other billing questions, or would like to add additional emails to your invoices, please email to let us know.

Support and Training

9. For Enterprise users, we recommend onboarding those that will be using Layer most often and responsible for setting up the projects first. These power users of Layer can then help establish the workflows for the rest of the company and their users.

10. We offer unlimited trainings and a very responsive support chat, both which can be found in the Get Help button in the lower left hand corner in a Layer project.
​​Message Us to get a prompt response while working on your project, but if you need a more in depth meeting to review something, use Schedule Training.

11. The Layer Help Center can be found in the Get Help menu as well or at You'll find a collection of support articles for more in depth resources on using Layer.

Questions? Email for more info.

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