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Form View

Form View is our newest view type that will enable you to create fillable forms for your category.

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Follow these easy steps to create your own form in Layer!

  1. Create a new view from the View dropdown menu.

  2. Give your view a name, select the Form option and click Create View.

3. Your form will start off blank when created. Click the Edit form button to start!

4. There will be two tabs you can work with.

  • Form settings give you the ability to change the appearance of your form so you can customize the look to take it from this...

πŸ‘‡ into this customized form!

  • Fields shows the field blocks you can add to your form to select what information you would like filled out.

Static Text and Static Image are at the top and are not fields to be filled out. These blocks function similar to Document View where you can add additional Text and Images on your form.

5. Select your field blocks to further customize them. You can rename the block name for the form, leave instructions and placeholder text. This is only for the form itself and does not change anything with your field setup.

If you need to remove the block from the form, use the Delete Block button at the bottom of the Form View Field Settings

Don't forget to hit the Publish button to save your edits!

6. Now that your form is created, it's time to share. You can click the Share View button in the upper right hand corner to share via link, email or embed.

That's it! Now you can easily have additional people add data to your Layer projects via Form View.

Additional questions? Message us in the support chat or email

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