Import Elements from a CSV File

How to import Elements from a CSV file into Layer

Set up the CSV file:

  • Ensure that there are two columns in the spreadsheet: Element and Category. Currently, a CSV file is the only data import supported.

  • Elements can be named anything. The name in the Element column in the CSV file will be the Element name in Layer.

  • Categories can also be named anything. If the category already exists in Layer, the Elements will be added to that Category. If the Category does not exist in Layer, a new Category will be created. 

  • Important: Elements imported from a spreadsheet cannot be added to Revit Categories in Layer. For example, if there is a Revit category named Rooms, and the category in the spreadsheet is listed as Rooms, a new, non-Revit category titled Rooms will be created. 

Import the CSV file:

  1. Log in to Layer or create a new account. Start a new Project or select an existing Project. 

  2. From any Category, click the + sign at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click the Import CSV button.

4. Click the Choose File button and navigate to the CSV file you previously created.

5. After uploading the CSV file, verify that the Elements and Categories will import as intended. If correct, click the Import Elements button to complete the import. 

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