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Editing & Updating Existing Project Templates
Editing & Updating Existing Project Templates

Learn how to work with existing Templates

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Templates can be treated just like projects...

In the sense that they can be owned by a person, members can be added to them, and they can be updated in perpetuity.

To begin editing an existing Template, navigate to your Home Dashboard, then click the Templates tab. Choose a Template that you are an Owner of from the list. Once you click on a Template, you will know that it can be edited by you if there is a purple frame the surrounds the canvas.

Once you see the purple border, you can edit the Template as needed.

(Tip: Looking for the save button? Look no further, Template changes are saved automatically!)

To save a copy of a Template, you will need to click Back to Dashboard and select the Create Project + button in the top right corner. You will then choose the Template you wish to copy from the list (either a Layer or Company template), and save that new project as the duplicate. Learn more about creating new Project Templates here >

Templates also offer the capability of being re-applied into a project.

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