You want to leverage information that you have collected within Layer Fields to update Instance Parameters for your REVIT Objects. Learn how to utilize Sync Rules so every time you update a Layer Field a REVIT parameter gets updated.

In this example we performed a Room Survey for a building where information like the condition of walls, ceilings, and floor materials were collected for each room.

Now, the information captured in Layer can be pushed back into the REVIT model by using Sync Rules.

1. Log in to Layer or create a new account.

2. Publish a REVIT model to Layer


For a parameter to be updated from within Layer, it needs to exist in REVIT before publishing a model.

Currently the parameters that are NOT supported are Type Properties.

REVIT Families are also excluded.

In order to sync Layer data back to a REVIT model, first publish the model to Layer.

3. Identify which Layer Fields you want to use in order to update the REVIT parameters.

For this example in our Room Survey Category we have created a Select One Input Field for the Floor Material and one the Floor Condition.

Layer Fields for Room Survey

4. Within you Room Survey Element create a Related Element Field that connects your Room Survey to a REVIT Room.

That will allow you to connect a Room Survey to a specific REVIT Room.

Related Element in Room Survey

For this example our Related Element Field points to the REVIT Room with

Room Name Instruction 108.

A mirror of our Related Element Field is created inside our REVIT room under Models.

Related Element Mirror in Rooms

(Tip: Our Room Survey Template has Steps 3, 4 and 5 already set up for you✌️)

5. Now we need to set up our Sync Rules within Rooms under Models.

Sync Rules can be accessed by clicking the ... next to Rooms.

Choose Category Settings to expose the Parameter Sync Rules Dialog Box.

Sync Rules allow you to choose a Layer Field and a matching REVIT Parameter.

We connect the Floor Condition Layer Field to Flooring Condition REVIT Parameter.

Make sure to hit the ☑️ to save the Rule.

Category Settings and Sync Rules

Woohoo! We did it!

Now every time we update the Layer Field so will do the REVIT Parameter.

6. Show off what you did from within REVIT!

Now you can use the Sync Parameters button in our REVIT Add-in to push the updates into your Room Parameters and/or Room Schedules.

You will be prompted with a dialog box that shows which elements are being updated:

If you want to see details about specifically what parameters will be changed, click on x of x under the Changes column.

This will display each parameter that is changing, its Current Value and what the New Value will be.

If there are specific changes that need to be skipped, just uncheck the box in either of the previous dialogs.

Once the desired changes have been selected (by default, all changes are selected), click Accept Changes. If any of the changes were unchecked, a message will appear asking what action should be taken with the changes left unchecked.

  • Save for later: Clicking this will keep all of the unchecked changes in the Sync Parameters dialog for the next time it is opened.

  • Discard: Clicking this will remove all of the un-checked items from the list and will not be recoverable.

Sync Parameters in REVIT


If the Layer Field contained a value BEFORE setting up the Sync Rule you will have to use the Run Now on Existing Option from the ... next to the Sync Rule.

Good news: You only need to do it for one Rule and it will be applied to all of the others.

Run now on Existing

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